May, 2012: I have been so remiss in not updating this page for soooo long. My bad. I've cleaned up/deleted all the ghost links I could find, and am posting photos I feel worthy of sharing on FB.

January, 2004: More Family Photos from my Christmas vacation in Florida! I found a GREAT freeware program called JAlbum that easily creates photo albums with thumbnails, a variety of templates, slide shows and the ability to order prints on-line. Check it out here

April 8, 2003: I've posted some fresh photos in my photo gallery. To view, please go to my PLAY page, select Rocky Mountain Reflections and go to the Winter section. Note that there are several photos on each page, so please be aware the pages may take considerable time to load if you're on a dial-up connection.

January 5, 2003: New Photos posted in the Play page under Family Photos as well as modifications posted in Links page and a new Feature Photo.

September 23, 2002: Apologies for not giving propper attention to my page lately. No excuses! I have updated the Links page a tad and hope to add new photos very soon!

October 13, 2001: Got MS PowerPoint? Check out a slide show of a Sunrise from Trail Ridge Road

Please right-click and save file if not using MSIE, and allow the show to run though twice to get the music if using MSIE...

Photos from Lyons Red Dirt Blues Festival, Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, and Winter Park Rock Fest

July 10, 2001: 25 Family Photos of my Florida Vacation! Play page; Family Photos; July 2001

May 12, 2001: Posted a few new photos of the Rockies in the Spring Section of Rocky Mountain Reflections.

May 4, 2001:

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I will try to update this page on a regular basis. Since I now have 200MB server space (as opposed to 8MB), I should be guilt-free to post photos frequently!

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September 10, 2000:

Still posting new photos!

I've had a full summer of concerts! Didn't take my camera to any indoor events, but I've added a new photo section covering the Lyons Folk Festival, Taste of the Blues (also in Lyons), and Labor Day Festivities at the Gold Hill Inn.

Photos from Lyons Folk Fest, Taste of the Blues, and Labor Day 2000 at Gold Hill Inn

May 24, 2000:

New Photos - New Format on my Play Page!

Online Photo Album of the Rocky Mountains - Most of My Photos are posted HERE!
The Neighborhood
May 22,2000
April 9, 2000
Thanksgiving, 1999
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