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The first version of Kat's Korner was published in March of '98. At the time I didn't exactly have a powerful graphics program; nor did I care! I just enjoyed teaching myself HTML and didn't mind "borrowing" gifs and jpgs that were offered freely on the internet. It wasn't long before I grew tired of borrowing other people's art, so I invested in CorelDraw 8. CorelDraw remains a challenge; and lately I've been spending my spare time (JOKE!) trying to grasp Java and Java Scripts.

After working a little over two years as a contractor for IBM, I became a "regular" IBM employee on January 6th, 1999. Before IBM, I earned income waiting tables and tending bars and spent income on education and having fun! I've been a governess, a high school (math/science)teacher, worked in retail sales and still dabble in self employment (computer stuff).

Although I've been kicking around Boulder since 1985, I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida in the fall of 1958. My first exposure to the West was in 1980, when I spent a summer in New Mexico as part of earning a B.S. in Geology from Florida State University.

From the time I left my parent's ranch in Central Florida (just north of the big town of Dunnellon) in 1976 until a few years ago, I moved often and tried on many proverbial hats both personally and professionally. For a quick look at some of the differences between Dunnellon and Boulder, go here and plug in Dunnellon, FL and Boulder, CO.

I have had my ups and downs over the years, but overall have been blessed with a positive attitude and good health (and yes, I do think the two are related)! Among the things I find most pleasing is being away from the city and crowds and able to use all my senses to marvel at the beauty of this planet. I do have an affinity for mountains; but I have also experienced awe in swamps, grasslands, deserts, forests, and on and under lakes, rivers and ocean waters. And there are times I can even find peace within; no matter where I happen to be physically at the moment.

On Sundays, I can usually be found hanging out at the Unity Church of Boulder listening to Jack. In addition to reflecting on Jack's words of wisdom, I enjoy the music we share. Jack's family is very talented, and I have much enjoyed the musical guests we have each week as well as performances by the Unity Choir and Band.

Here's a photo of me playing tourist in Mexico.

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